We couldn't do this without them



This event wouldn't be possible without generous support from the community.

DesignMil is a volunteer-driven event that relies entirely upon the support of the community and local businesses. Thank you to our sponsors and partners! View our 2018 sponsorship guide.

Would you like to support DesignMil?

Send us an email at info@designmil.org


Want to Help?

Become a Sponsor

Currently, our DesignMil Team is in preparation for its second annual event and is looking for assistance in funding our efforts. Our Sponsorship Guide outlines the background of DesignMil, as well as the sponsorship opportunities and benefits for your assistance.




Venue Sponsorships, monetary and in-kind, will help DesignMil host its two main events this year: the Pre-Planning and the Design Day events. We are in need of large spaces that can host comfortable workspaces for our participants.



Meal Sponsorships, monetary and in-kind, will help feed both the creatives and nonprofits over the course of our events. Please review the sponsorship opportunities below. 




DesignMil has recurring costs each year to keep the event up-and-running. Some of these costs include, but are not limited to: Website hosting, Printed Materials, Supplies, Equipment, Meeting Space Rental, etc.



If you would like to contribute to DesignMil, but are unable to financially, consider an in-kind donation. In-Kind donations can range to a variety of opportunities for us.