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What can DesignMil do for you?

DesignMil offers a unique creative experience different than the day-to-day work life. As a creative, you get to spend an entire day designing, developing or strategizing with a local nonprofit, work on a team with other local professionals and/or students, and network with some cool people. You’ll have the opportunity to create some great work that can be added to your portfolio. In addition, we’ll feed you all day and give you some swag.


Importance of Creativity

We need design | Andy Walker, the global creative director in brand design for Nike, had talked about what the world would be like without design. She also touched on who is a designer. Walker said, “‘Without design there would be chaos. Great design is structured, intellectually thought through, challenged over and over, and only those trained to do so can do that. I really don’t believe that everyone is a designer, just as not everyone is a great writer or painter, poet or singer. Creativity, on the other hand... can be owned by anyone... All areas of business must have creativity, it is what makes the Museum of London sing, visually and intellectually, and with intelligent control that makes our visitors feel excited and empowered, refreshed and not overwhelmed. Not everyone can produce that magic, but everyone can have ideas.’

Developers are the best | The majority of the population doesn’t even think about how much we need developers in the world. Steven Johnston, an experienced marketing professional, spent a day with a group of developers in New York and discussed the importance of developers. One response was, “Think about all of the software and apps that you use every day. Now think about where they came from. Now you tell me why developers are important.” Without developers and their skills, we would not be able to use the technology that we take advantage of daily.

Design and your business | Your brand is how you tell the world about your nonprofit, what you stand for and what your goals are; and no, we’re not just talking about how it looks and feels. Design is also about how it works. In order to convey your message to the world, you may consider hiring a designer. They are trained to consider how it looks and feel, as well as how it works: a holistic approach. In 2015, John Maeda, an American executive, designer and technologist did a report on a multitude of companies and explained that he, “...wanted to connect the worlds of design, technology, and business together, so that people wouldn’t see them as three different things.” Read the report here.

Strategists make life easier | Copywriters, social media strategists, public relations experts, you name it. They will drive your nonprofit. Copywriting is about communicating with the company's audience. It gives consumers a peek into a brand and lets businesses show them why they're worth the consumer’s time. Social media strategists are still up and coming in importance; our world revolves around social media nowadays and having a plan is essential for your organization. Public relations builds up credibility. Public relations boosts an organization's credibility, because it'll operate through numerous trusted intermediaries.


Creatives & DesignMil

Create change | Create a stronger local and global design community and help to engage local designers with their communities in a positive way. Give back by supporting your local nonprofits. You’re helping your community thrive while you work. By participating in DesignMil, you will spend 12-hours providing a service that nonprofits wouldn't otherwise be able to afford. Make lasting connections within the Milwaukee design community.

Make Connections | Not only will creatives be doing awesome things for nonprofits, they will also be doing awesome things for themselves. By participating in the DesignMil event, you’ll be able to meet other creatives that you might need as a reference or a friend later on. Add them on LinkedIn and exchanged business cards. Make the most out of DesignMil.

Anthony Lauer