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DesignMil is a design collaboration that connects nonprofits with designers in Milwaukee to add value and visibility to their cause.

On November 4th 2017, we’re hosting a 12-hour design event pairing creative professionals with nonprofits in the Milwaukee area to identify and create design solutions.

According to HOW Magazine, there are 1,600 designers working in the city. According to Spectrum Nonprofit Services, Milwaukee has nearly the same number of nonprofits.  Imagine what can happen when DesignMil takes that creative talent and mixes it with those nonprofit visionaries working tirelessly throughout Milwaukee.


Our Story

Public Service |  When there is a need to help others, to create a safer environment, or just to be an active part of modern society, nonprofits are created to help. Nonprofits serve a public need and provide many different services that public agencies may not be able to offer. Nonprofit organizations pull the community together to help those who cannot help themselves.

Community Engagement | Nonprofits bring together communities and empower their residents. They have an empowering effect that impacts the lives of citizens. Nonprofits develop relationships with their local community which tends to give a sense of pride and ownership to the community. The changes that nonprofits help achieve can give community residents an appreciation for the impact of giving and volunteerism.

Economic Benefit | Nonprofits benefit the economy. They provide their employees with income which indirectly stimulates other parts of the economy. Like most businesses, non-profits consume goods and services in their daily operations. They require computers, internet and phone services, building materials, office supplies and utilities in order to function. This generates revenue for the companies that manufacture and distribute these goods and services, thereby providing added economic stimulation.

Employment Opportunities | Nonprofit organizations provide a steady source of employment to their employees. Non-profits run very similarly to regular offices, which rely on computer programmers, accountants, graphic designers and other specialized employees to ensure their operations run smoothly.


Nonprofits & DesignMil

Nonprofit organizations are the reason DesignMil exists. Our mission is to connect hard-working organizations with the creative human assets they need. DesignMil will pair nonprofits with a great team of creative professionals and students to help get the proper tools needed to keep doing amazing work.

Why Design Matters | Design plays an important role for businesses and nonprofits. Design manages the public’s perception and experience with an organization. It influences the public to feel a certain way about your organization, and therefore influences whether they will engage with it. The design of a website, logo or business card can directly influence what the public understands about your organization. Design choices, such as your logo, conceptually reflect the mission of your organization. When nonprofits use great design, they appear more professional and inspire confidence in what they do.

Anthony Lauer