Looking for Leaders

As we get ready for our 2018 event, we are looking for people to help organize and share their talents with our cause to help deserving nonprofit organizations throughout Milwaukee.

DesignMil Board Positions

Nonprofit Outreach Coordinator

Recruits nonprofits to apply to DesignMil. Acts as a point person for participating nonprofits.


  • Recruit nonprofit participants through various channels including emails
  • Answer nonprofit participant questions via email and phone
  • Participates in the process of acceptance and shaping teams
  • Sends  acceptance and rejection emails to applicants
  • Collaborates with Creative Outreach Coordinator for team reorganization and communication when necessary
  • Responsible for nonprofit check-in

Catering Coordinator

Makes sure everyone is well fed.


  • Coordinates four meals: 1 at Pre-planning, 3 at Day-of
  • Coordinates pick-up and delivery of food
  • Prepares a plan for disposal or distribution of excess food
  • Responsible for purchasing food and drink items prior to events that are not included in catering
  • Responsible for purchasing utensils, plates, and cups for meals
  • Collaborates with Sponsor Coordinator to recruit coffee and food sponsors

Board Position Application


Thank you for your interest and support in DesignMil

We’re excited to see you soon!
Questions, Comments or Concerns? Please feel free to reach out to us.

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