DesignMil offers a unique creative experience different than the day-to-day work life. As a creative, you get to spend an entire day designing, developing or strategizing with a local nonprofit, work on a team with other local professionals and/or students, and network with some cool people. You’ll have the opportunity to create some great work that can be added to your portfolio. In addition, we’ll feed you all day and give you some swag.

Create change | Create a stronger local and global design community and help to engage local designers with their communities in a positive way. Give back by supporting your local nonprofits. You’re helping your community thrive while you work. By participating in DesignMil, you will spend 12-hours providing a service that nonprofits wouldn't otherwise be able to afford. Make lasting connections within the Milwaukee design community.

Sorry, applications have closed. Still interested in getting involved?


Design For Good.


SOme Helpful Tips

Be Prepared

This will vary depending on your project and role, but here’s a few things that have been helpful to participants in the past:

  • Computer, with all the necessary software
  • Computer charger
  • USB Drive, or some way to share files quickly
  • Pencils, pens, and anything else you need to sketch your brilliant ideas
  • A computer mouse or drawing tablet
  • A water bottle to keep hydrated throughout the day