DesignMil is a one day collaborative event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that connects nonprofits with designers to create work that elevates their identity, branding, or otherwise visual needs.


In the fall of 2018, Milwaukee's creative professionals will have 12 hours to use their talent in a meaningful way.

According to HOW Magazine, there are 1,600 designers working in Milwaukee and Spectrum Nonprofit Services affirms that Milwaukee has nearly the same number of nonprofits.

Bringing the two groups together is an opportunity to create change that serves the greater good of our community.

How it works

Fill out an application

If you want to participate in DesignMil, you must first fill out an application (and be accepted).

Who can/should apply?
Designers, developers, creatives of all experience levels (students, too!,) and nonprofit organizations that have a brilliant new idea, but lack the resources to make it happen.

Meet your team

We organize teams based on the ability of designers and the needs of the nonprofit. One of the goals of DesignMil is to foster new and unexpected collaborations. For this reason, we do not take requests for teammates. Teams are assigned based on skill level and design experience.

One week prior to the event teams will meet for the first time for a project pre-planning. This is also each team’s chance to meet their nonprofit. No work is completed at the pre-planning meeting, instead team’s plan for the DesignMil event so they can hit the ground running. This meeting is mandatory for all participants and nonprofit representatives.

Day of DesignMil

The event starts bright and early at 9:00am. Designers will have nine hours to complete their project, presenting their hard work at the end. Food, coffee, and more will be provided throughout the day!